Please note: pattern not shown to scale, and is indicative only.
Tilley Group Ltd reserve the right to change specifications without notice to allow for product improvement.

Pattern: Decorative
Hole Size: 17.0 x 17.0mm right-angled triangle
Open Area: 40%

Stock sheet options available:
Aluminium: 3.0mm

Stock Sheet Brochure PDF
When printed at “actual size”, patterns will be shown at 1:1 true size

Pattern PDF
Custom Perforation Capabilities PDF

This design is available for custom punching.  Talk to us about manufacturing this design to meet your requirements.

Our stock off-the-shelf perforated metal patterns are used extensively in the architectural, engineering, construction, manufacturing, food processing, material handling, safety, security and agricultural sectors.

Give our experienced team a call to find out more about our custom manufacturing, design assistance, punching, laser cutting, shearing, folding, forming, fabrication and finishing capabilities for your project.  Our New Zealand-based factory is equipped for large scale bespoke solutions and high volume production runs.

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