In addition to our stock products, Tilley’s has a long history of catering to the bespoke requirements of our customers.  Our fully staffed production facility is located in Wellington and features a suite of sheet metal processing machines to meet your custom manufacturing requirements .  Keeping production local means that we can respond quickly, keep check on production progress and maintain control on quality to ensure we deliver to the highest standards possible.

Get in touch with one of our experienced salespeople to discuss your project and see how we can help bring it from concept to reality.


Our production facility can handle your custom perforation requirements.  High capacity, large volume capabilities for a wide variety of applications including component manufacturing and grand scale industrial or architectural designs.


We can accommodate up to 4 meter sheets, with a folding capacity ranging from 80 to 400 tonnes, allowing us to form our punchedlaser cut or standard sheets in a variety of materials and thicknesses in-house to meet the precise needs of your project, ensuring consistency and quality throughout the entire production.

Laser Cutting

Our Bystronic Bysmart Fibre Laser provides fast and extremely accurate laser cutting for all your mass production needs.  Its advanced Bysoft 7 software ensures minimal wastage of both material and time, making it a highly efficient and valuable feature of our local Wellington based factory.


We can handle all aspects of fabrication work for your project including boltingrivetingattaching fixings and welding.  This allows us to ensure that a project can be taken from concept to completion while maintaining the highest levels of precision and quality we are known for.


Our experienced team can take care of all finishing work to ensure your project is as hassle-free as possible and really impresses once installed on site.  We can incorporate mounting holes and notches for installation, and our Wellington-based factory is equipped with shearing and folding machines to handling cuttingforming and profiling work.  We also work closely with a select range of outside service providers to deliver anodisinggalvanisingpowder coating and wet spray finishes if required.