Architect: Aliquam erat volutpat.
Location: Durham Street North, Christchurch Central
Product Used: PMR186

For Christchurch’s Aldergate Church rebuild and revitalisation project, planners wanted to make something unique and eye-catching. A set of connected perforated and powder coated 2.0mm Aluminium 5052 panels were made using a combination of our PMR186 pattern (Ø5.0 x 6.5mm) and a Ø6.35 x 13.0mm perforation. This created the light and dark tones used to form the stylish, modern and artistic stepped “Poutama” pattern, symbolising learning, intellectual achievement and religious enlightenment. As an ISO accredited company, Tilley had the experience and capability necessary to deliver the accuracy required in the punching and folding, ensuring the visual integrity of the finished result when viewed at any distance.

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