There are a number of materials that can be utilised in a product or project, but what is it that makes Perforated Metal such a fantastic choice?

A robust product:
Perforated Metal is manufactured using high grade material, making it a durable product ideal for any project where longevity is a necessary factor. It is always important that you pick the correct material for your usage and location requirements, but well chosen and maintained Perforated Metal products will maintain their durability for a long time in even the harshest conditions.

A lighter solution:
Perforated Metal sheets can be relatively light depending on the type of perforation and materials used. This is an incredibly beneficial feature in a building material as it makes installation easier and reduces strain on the fixings securing it to the building, while still maintaining the materials strength and integrity.

It’s so versatile:
With a variety of hole shapes, sizes and spacings, Perforated Metal is one of the most versatile materials available for either practical or decorative applications. Privacy screens, security barriers, sun protection, vents, audio usage, decorative balustrades and particle screening are just a small number of uses; the potentential is limitless. From square holes to circles, hexagons to obrounds or even custom designs, there are so many options available to create a unique look or find the perfect perforation for your functional requirements.

The natural and eco-friendly choice:
Metal is the most recyclable material on the planet making it a fantastic eco-friendly option. All material removed out during the perforation process is recycled, and when the Perforated Metal itself no longer be needed, it too can also be recycled at the end of its life. The metal is then highly refined, and reused without degrading the quality of the material.

Perforated Metal is stunning to look at!
Whether it’s a simple repeating pattern or an intricate custom design, left natural or powder coated in a bold colour, the texture provided by Perforated Metal will always be eye-catching. Fixed on the exterior of a building or used as a feature in an interior space, it is the perfect material for adding a striking aesthetic to an area.